Concrete and concrete product manufacturing

Since 2006, the A.C.B. Group companies Salenieku Bloks and ACB Betons operates with the goal of occupying an important place in the Latvian building material producers’ market and expanding the range of products it produces in the concrete product and other building material manufacturing segments. The paving stones manufactured by Salenieku Bloks are ecologically clean and aesthetic, and their construction does not require powerful or special equipment. During the course of repair works, the surface of this material is not damaged and can be easily renovated.


The company’s production plants in Riga (Bukultu Street) and Aizkraukle produce:

Concrete paving stones
Street and road curbs
Expanded clay concrete blocks
Expanded clay concrete blocks with heat insulation
Transportable concrete

The plant produces a range of products including concrete paving stone, street and road curbs, as well as expanded clay blocks. At this plant, a product new to Latvian producers is being manufactured: thermally insulated expanded clay blocks.

The company’s competitiveness is achieved through ecologically clean production of products conforming to European standards, using the world’s latest leading production technologies, introducing building material production practices and thorough testing of manufactured building materials in a specialized laboratory, in accordance with European Union standards.

Salenieku Bloks products are certified in accordance with the requirements laid down in the technical provisions for the specific product, in accordance with Latvian standards and construction norms, regarding which the company has received a corresponding certificate issued by an accredited institution.