Production of asphalt concrete

With an experience of more than twenty-five years in manufacturing of hot and cold asphalt concrete, as well as the road emulsions, the “A.C.B.” company group is proud to be one of the oldest asphalt concrete factories in the renewed Latvia, able to handle the largest manufacturing volume of the asphalt concrete in Latvia by means of many innovative products and special technical solutions. The “’A.C.B.” company group has the asphalt concrete plants in Riga, Rezekne, Gulbene, Cesis and Saulkalne, thus ensuring availability of the product also in the regions of Latvia.


Production processes at A.C.B. Group companies take place in accordance with a strictly controlled and material compatibility process.

Raw materials corresponding to the relevant specifications and requirements are used in the production process.

Company specialists also carry out the development and production of non-standard products, if the client requires non-traditional solutions.