Road building

A.C.B. Group companies have a lot of years of experience in the construction of complex roads, streets, squares, airports, ports and railways.

Road building works:

Preparatory and dismantling works:

mobilization, alignment measurement and demarcation, tree and bush felling, ditch digging and cleaning, asphalt surface milling, removal of surplus gravel and grading, repairs to potholes, filling in cracks, posting informative posters, and dismantling and assembly of various structures.

Culvert and structure formation:

culvert cleaning, repairs and installation, passenger platform building, bus shelter assembly and repairs, concrete road and pavement curb installation, concrete driveway and /or pavement surface construction, and natural stone surface formation.

Asphalting or asphalt laying:

priming, asphalt concrete layer construction (1-3 layers), recycling, surface treatment.

Construction of structural layers not bound by road binding agents:

construction of a freeze-resistant layer, construction of a chip base, curb filling.

Earth works:

soil removal, formation of trenches and slopes, application of geomaterials for the separation and reinforcement of earth beds or structural layers.

Equipment works:

road signs, safety barriers, horizontal road markings, planting of greenery, area recultivation.

A.C.B. Group company specialists have construction practice certificates issued by the Latvian Association of Construction Engineers in the management and construction supervision of road, airfield and bridge construction works.