Optical network construction

The A.C.B. Group, in developing new business profiles, has successfully commenced the design and construction of an optical network. It has configured an optical network design and project construction group, as well as acquiring specialised assembly and cable laying equipment. With these resources, it is possible to implement projects within the framework of European funds, as well as private orders.


Optical network construction works:

Trench digging
Inlaying protective pipes for cables
Cable inlaying with a vibrating cable inlaying plough
Optical cable pneumatic blowing
Optical fibre welding
Horizontal drilling (penetration)
Cable connection well/chamber installation
Optical network distribution point, access point and highway access point construction
Optical fibre cable distribution panel installation
Optical network quality measurement performance in accordance with the Customer’s methodology
Installation of optical fibre cable network buffer zones
Surface renovation

Under the auspices of the projects, optical network infrastructure design and construction works financed with co-funding from the European Regional Development Fund include the establishment of trunk lines, as well as the construction of access points and inter-connection cables.

Infrastructure is being established with the objective of connecting the relevant administrative territory, where trunk network infrastructure is available with an optical cable network provider.

Projects have been implemented involving the connection of newly built and existing villages and multi-apartment buildings with optical cables to ensure high quality and fast digital data transmission.