Freight transportation

The A.C.B. Group of companies provides the opportunity to transport assorted dry goods and other heavy freight throughout the territory of Latvia, mainly specialising in transportation of road construction materials: sand, chips, asphalt, bitumen, concrete and other building materials.

The vehicle fleet includes:

19 saddle trucks with semi-trailers

load capacity 25 t, semi-trailer volume: 20 m3

9 dump trucks

8x4, load capacity 17 t, freight box volume: 16 m3

10 dump trucks

6x4 and 6x6, load capacity 15 t, freight box volume: 12 m3

7 manipulators / dump trucks

load capacity 10 t, freight box volume: 8 m3–12 m3

8 trailers

load capacity up to 55 t

5 bitumen barrels

load capacity 25 t, volume: 32 m3

3 concrete mixers with pump

freight volume: 9 m3

The vehicle fleet is comprised not only of saddle trucks with various types of semi-trailers, but also of various types of semi-trailers which provide freight transportation by road, as well as dump trucks with various load capacities and volumes with which it is possible to transport freight loads in quarries and which can be used in a multitude of ways at construction sites.

Likewise, with the help of specialised trailers, we can transport all types of heavy equipment.

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