Bridge construction

A.C.B. Group companies have been involved in the construction and reconstruction of bridges on a national scale, acquiring invaluable experience in this field.

Bridge and other artificial construction project works:

Preparatory works:

mobilization, alignment works, construction dismantling, design.

Formation of soil constructions:

concrete, steel, wooden pile, augured pile, sheet pile production and reinforcement.

Earth works:

digging works in a construction ditch, pumping out water from a construction ditch, soil grading, filling in earth materials alongside constructions, inlaying of freeze resistant material, inlaying of geosynthetic materials.

Equipment and wear layer works:

bearing and deformation joint mounting, waterproofing application, asphalt concrete inlaying, safety barrier and railing construction, gutter formation.

Steel works:

surface cleaning and surface application.

Concrete works:

adherence and temporary reinforcement, mold construction, reinforcement assembly, concrete inlaying, treatment and testing.

A.C.B. Group company specialists have construction practice certificates issued by the Latvian Association of Construction Engineers in the management and construction supervision of road, airfield and bridge construction works.

Bridge construction works are carried out by the A.C.B. Group companies: SIA ACBR and SIA 8 CBR.