Equipment and machinery hire and repairs

Vehicle and equipment depot of A.C.B. Group companies is configured, in accordance with road construction specifics and industry requirements, ensuring that jobs can be carried out quickly and with the required degree of quality.

If you want to provide your projects with modern professional equipment and transport, A.C.B. group companies offer you the opportunity to hire:

Vehicle transport for dry cargo
Vehicle transport with hydro-manipulators
Trailers for heavy cargoes
Petrol tankers
Bulldozers (with 3D GPS machine control technology)
Motor graders (with robotic tachymeter technology)
Frontal loaders
Universal loaders and compact loaders
All types of asphalt equipment

Experienced professionals from LTD 8CBR will inspect, assess and if necessary perform repairs to both light and heavy transport vehicles and equipment.


Phone inquiries: +371 2 6540474